In the Bedroom after the War

In the Bedroom after the War

October 15, 2009
Ivan 'Vern' Poh from URL @ 1:05 AM


October 12, 2009
A piece of paper
Ivan 'Vern' Poh from URL @ 1:57 AM

Sometimes the circumstances in your life taints the little modicum of purity inside of you. Its like clean white fresh crispy paper because stepped on.

Technology allows us to get the dirty piece of paper back to its once white fresh crispy self. Do you call that chemical treatment or recycling?

Whatever it is, i don't want to be tech-ed on. I spoils me. I don't want to be a recycled piece of paper.

But i have no choice.

When i decided to do life, ineluctably i also make a couple of commitments on the way. They are the things that either add color or stain to my paper.

Everyone would have thought perhaps the safe way to do life is to not be committed and radical about anything and escaping all forms of commitment.

Or like some others, probably they eat, drink & be merry. They play. That's probably why we have the typical television image of an on top of the world rockstar strutting his stuff and living a crazy life.

At the end of the day, a piece of fresh paper is usually left unattended. It is just like one of those others in the stack. It has not significance and importance no matter how clean, crispy and fresh it is.

So i rather get some commitments, move about in life, learn from mistakes if i make them, benefit from commitments if they are good ones. Either way they add something unto our my paper. Stains or Colors, i become a tad ahead of clean white paper.

We may throw away dirty stained papers but at least, you tried doing something with that paper before you dirtied it.
We probably will keep goodlooking & colorful papers.

I want to be a colorful piece of art.
I need to first do something with my life, get a vision, not remain just another piece of white fresh paper on the tray.
Then i need to make good commitments, decide well, make good decisions, not dirty my paper but add color to them.

I need to decide well, grow in character & walk into my destiny.

October 9, 2009
Hello & Go
Ivan 'Vern' Poh from URL @ 12:55 AM

Hello (: Just 1 thing & off to bed..

1ONE THING - Year End is HERE!
We are a few weeks away from top gear. I gladly assume that you know what 'top gear' is.

By now some of the students would have finished their exams. By next week though, 'N' Levels, JC Promotionals & every every other secondary school level except your GCE 'O' & 'A' level students would have been done with their examinations. Polytechnics school term is resuming and probably after 1 month it will be test period. University examinations also about 1 month away.

Nonetheless & whatever the schedule, it is the END OF THE YEAR, and that marks the beginning of excitement.

This Saturday is Pledge Day. Next weekend is Seminar with Pastor Kong. Last week of November is Mens United Conference. And we haven't mentioned Christmas, etc.
There are plenty of exciting things installed for us. Time to revolve our lives around the church calendar.

Lastly, time to invite a lot of our friends to church.

Miss this period, miss the wave.
I don't want to see you pulling your ear out missing all these out.

Hahaha, gdnight & have fun!
I am tired, incoherent & the specious truth is that it is late and time for bed. I have to go.
BYE! We'll see if i go to bed.

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